Tutorial Auto Add Sticker for Whatsapp After Download It

After you download Rar and Personal Sticker for Whatsapp you can download the sticker here


This time i will give you tutorial how to auto add sticker for whatsapp. let’s check it out.

After you download it, open rar for android

check the box and click icon on the top to extract the zip

Browse the directory to extract it

Choose the folder “up one level”

We will move to directory /storage/emulated/0 and the click ok on the bottom

Check again the directory and click ok

After extract, it will appear new folder with the sticker name. Remember the name

Open aplication Personal Sticker for Whatsapp

Scroll down and find the same name with the folder extraction click add

Click Add

Stickers Success to add

Don’t forget to download sticker for whatsapp


Comment your favorit sticker to this website

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